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SQLMerger is produced by Auisoft; a software business specialized in developing advanced - yet easy to use - software for Windows.

Auisoft have developed a wide number of other systems, primarily for clients in the IT-industry and often systems with a high level of abstraction and extreme configurability capabilities.

We strive to be on the front edge when it comes to software design practices and to keep a sharp ability to design optimally flexible and well designed structures in the systems we design.

Auisoft have existed since 1993 and is located in Denmark, near the 2nd largest town Aarhus. Aarhus has a lot of IT-industry and we have access to a large number of extern developers and IT-professionals.

Our recent experiences relate to databases, complex configuration mechanisms, multiuser systems, SQL querying, usability and work flow.

We also offer database conversion and assistance with related tasks, e.g. database design (mostly in Denmark).

Of cause a lot of time we are busy developing SQLMerger and doing the best we can raising the product to higher and higher levels, to always keep it astonishing! And by the way, your input is much appreciated, so please write us with anything on your heart related to our product or business.

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SQLMerger is certified clean by DownloadRage

Works with all Windows versions.

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