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SQLMerger Support

If your question relates to using SQLMerger, please have a look at our guides to see if your problem is answered there. If not, feel free to contact us – we are here to help! Even if you just think one part of the documentation is too thin, please let us know and we will improve it or point you to where you can find more (maybe it is there somewhere hidden too far away).

If you still have a problem or experience a software error, please take the following steps:

  1. Check you are running the latest version of SQLMerger. From time to time we release updates of the software to fix known problems and issues.

    If a later release is available, download and install it to see if the problem goes away. You can see the exact version of you software in the About box, activated via the Help menu in the application’s main window. You can see what version is the most recent on the download page , where you can also download a new version. New versions can simply be installed over old versions as long as it is the same major version.

  2. If the problem remains unresolved then visit the online support forum where you can get help and support for your question or problem either by us or fellow users.

    You can improve our chance for providing you good support by proving extensive information and a good explanation about the problem, e.g.:

    1. What did you do to produce the problem (exact description)?
    2. Can you reproduce the problem?
    3. What is the exact text of the error message, if any?
    4. Please provide the project file causing problems.
    5. Which version of SQLMerger are you using (see this in the Help menu, "About")?
    6. Which version of Windows are you using (including Service Packs)?
    7. Your order number, if any.

    Support Forum:

    Google Group, SQLMerger Support


If you prefer you are also welcome to using our Contact form.

Feel free to send your problem report, question, feature suggestion or general feedback to us. We strive to get back to you within one business day, but you can help speed up the reply by including all of the above information in your support request.

You are also welcome to send us your questions and comments by postal mail .

About phone support: Our customers have told us that they're most satisfied with their support experiences when they get an answer which is quick, understandable, and accurate. Based on our previous experience and customer feedback, email support is the best way to achieve these objectives. It allows us to provide reference links, screenshots, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Works with all Windows versions.

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