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Enterprise Professional Free
Make changes to data and see the changes via intuitive color coding, before SQL code generation (scripting). Checkboxes also shows if data will be updated, added or deleted Yes Yes Yes

Visual comparison of data from different tables, coming from any database

Yes YesYes

Lookup texts displayed manually or automatically to ease browsing and editing with real lookup values (e.g. texts instead of keys)

Yes YesYes
- add lookups for everything in the project, together Yes No No

Sort differences and changes and all other additional informationfields, e.g. sort records in "different/same", "unique", "new" categories and more. Filter and group records in any dataset

Yes YesYes

Execute long SQL code texts (scripts) easily

Yes Yes No

Projects helps manage everything, using the well-known open, save mechanisms etc. A project can work as a process script for a large database conversion and other tasks

Yes YesYes

Tools for merging and changing contents in a set of data
- copy selected or all, source only records
- change selected or all, difference records to match source
- delete target-only records
- and 5 other tools

Yes Yes No

Generate change script  along the way. All changes made to data are scripted automatically

Yes Yes Yes
- script all tables together Yes No No
Log automatically every change you make to the database in a log file   Yes Yes No
- store the common log file on a network drive in a multi-user environment, so changes from multiple persons are logged Yes No No

Well-format  by selecting a text column and invoking this feature to apply the same 'format' on all texts. E.g. change from "Send-to-processing" to "SendToProcessing" or "SEND_TO_PROCESSING"

Yes No No

Large texts are displayed and edited conveniently

Yes YesYes

Delete contents in many interconnected tables, in the correct order automatically

Yes No No

Enterprise Professional Free


Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98 or 95.

SQLMerger is certified clean by DownloadRage

Works with all Windows versions.

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