Side by Side Databases Merge Tool

With SQLMerger you will have a practical data-analyze- and upgrade solution, providing you with a great way to compare and merge data from even different database systems.

SQLMerger is also an efficient tool for copying, editing and browsing database content in a powerful and controlled manner. Actually it is so nice that SQLMerger might become your favorite access to databases and something you use all the time, just try!

SQLMerger - Compare and merge data
Insight into any database with SQLMerger!

Get SQLMerger and...

  • Visualize, synchronize, compare, merge, convert or upgrade databases in a unique and natural way
  • Not bound to one particular database system
  • Use our lookups mechanism and be amazed!
  • Collect script for changes
  • Control precisely what is going to be changed in your database
  • Work on different levels of detail but all the time well-arranged and clear and in contact with what is going on
  • Visual representation of differences and changes
  • Quick and convenient table data editing
  • And just so much more...

Yes! we really believe we created a fantastic, time saving, DB tool. That's also why we give you a 30-days-money-back-gurantee in confidence that SQLMerger will also make you even faster and more productive.
SQLMerger is a great way to work with databases, guaranteed!
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  • You can buy a Professional or Enterprise version with an extended feature set.
    Recommended by IT-professionals.
Compare, Merge, Convert and Edit Data in Databases! Tables Data Explorer & Merger for Browsing, Comparing and Converting Tables.
SQLMerger is certified clean by DownloadRage

Works with all Windows versions.

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